Bespoke Salon

We will be happy to tailor a ruana to you wish
uvodni foto - salon na miru

Have a beautiful dress in your wardrobe but not sure what to take over it? A blazer wouldn’t work, neither would a jumper. However, you know it might be cold later in the evening at the garden party or on your way home. A my.pled ruana is the ideal solution. Just wrap it over you shoulders and you are set to go. When you do not need it, just fold it in the handbag or carry over your hand. You don’t need to worry about creasing.

What if you cannot find a ruana to your liking? We will design and tailor one specially for you!

In our Bespoke Salon, we will create a ruana exactly to your needs and requirements. We will choose the most suitable fabric, select the best-fitting design for your figure, and add your preferred fastening method. It would be ideal to meet in person but online will work, too. Your ruana will always be original and will fit your style and personality perfectly.

Wish to have your own my.pled ruana? Drop us a line at [email protected] or call Kateřina Urban Samková at +420 774 1111 27.