About the brand

how it came about and who created it

“I’ve always worn scarves, pashminas, various bedspreads or plaids because I love freedom of movement. No sleeves that pull and squeeze me, no sweaters over my head that ruin my hair and makeup. I like simplicity, freedom and elegance “, says Kateřina Samková, Founder of my.pled.

This success story started in 2014, when Kateřina Samková decided that she would be able to realize her passion and obsession, which was not satisfied on the current market, on her own. With the help of clothing designer Jan Šimr, they developed various cuts for three years, tested various fabrics and looked for solutions that would cater for every woman. The result was over 20 different types of plaid cuts and over 10 various auxiliary options from drawstrings to elegant buckles.

In 2017, Helena Harabinová became a partner of the company. Helena came as a welcome addition to the team with the added benefit of understanding the concept and creating the right products that women really want. “I fell in love with my.pled right away. I was even one of the first customers! I have been dedicated to the fashion business all my life and if your work is combined with your passion, I believe that it must turn out well “, says Helena Harabinová (Sales / Marketing Director).

In 2021, the team expanded to include Romana, who joined the company as a third partner. Romana has long been involved in brand development and retail.

“I met Helena and Kateřina at work in 2020. I must admit that before we started talking about my possible entry into the company, I bought some plaids. The product and the whole concept fascinated me a lot. I’d like to say that our plaids “have balls”. They give women enormous freedom and elegance. I believe that even a small Czech brand can successfully break into the world fashion market. Teamwork, humility, self-confidence and success are important. ” says Romana Fetting (Sales / Business Development)

my.pled is an original Czech brand focusing on the fashion plaid accessory, designing simple but elegant clothing solutions for women providing warmth and style with unrestricted movement and many more advantages!


With a my.pled ruana, you will feel elegant in any situation, even if you are wearing jeans. It will always underline your female nature.


You will always look original because we make unique ruanas in just a few copies each. Just you and your wrap.


A my.pled ruana will always make you feel free while keeping you warm. It will be your great companion all day and won't crease.


Quality comes first at my.pled. We hand-pick all fabrics and meticulously check their quality. Each ruana is unique.